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Living In Amsterdam – What Is It Like?

by admin - November 6th, 2015.
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Living in Amsterdam – is it as good as it sounds? I moved from the UK to Amsterdam so I’m in a good position to tell you if living here is as good as it is on vacation. In this article, I’ll describe many aspects of living in Amsterdam to help you decide if you might even want to move here yourself one day.

Cost Of Living

Amsterdam is not a cheap city but it doesn’t have to be an expensive one either.

If you spend all day long in bars and coffeeshops as if you were on vacation then you will quickly go broke. However, regular entertaining will not burn a hole in your pocket either.

Otherwise, the cost of food is OK and the quality here is very high. The seafood here is incredible and is quite affordable too.

Rents are high but it depends where you live. Most people don’t live in the very centre of town but a little bit further out. So long as you live on a tram line, you will be well-connected and you can find many bargains the further you venture out.

Getting Things Done In English

Amsterdammers are used to playing host to people from all over the world and many of these people rely on their not-so-great English to get by. If you can read this article then you will have no problem settling in. Learning a few words of Dutch will give you many great advantages but it is not essential by any means. Many foreigners live here for years knowing only English with no problem at all.

The Happiness Factor

I moved from England where I was bored and felt that I needed a change. I am much happier now, having moved here. Of course, I was in love with Amsterdam before I moved here but that love has developed even further.

I thought that I might find the lack of English in signs and elsewhere to be annoying but it is actually quite blissful to not understand everything around you. The „foreignness“ of a country is still fascinating, even over a year on.

The quality of life here is amazing. Healthcare is good, almost every street has a bike lane on it. Even the police are fairly laid back here! The Dutch way of life and approach to it really is something to admire. I would never raise kids in the city I lived in before but I definitely would in Amsterdam, even though it is a highly populated city. There is definitely a family feel to the city that you probably didn’t notice while on vacation here.

So far, Amsterdam continues to be great and I’m sure I’ll feel the same way about it in another year’s time.

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