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My Girlfriend Won’t Talk To Me – A Tip For Getting A Response

by admin - November 7th, 2015.
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If your girlfriend is currently not talking to you, then you may feel a level of confusion or even desperation about your predicament. The way in which you approach her about avoiding you and what you say at this point will make all the difference between smoothing things over or making things worse. More importantly, what you say is not even as critical as the method in which you relay your message to her.

„What have I done wrong? Why is my girl not talking to me?“ If you are asking yourself questions like this, then fixing the problem is already going to take more than a simple apology, as you might have already guessed. After all, apparently you don’t even know what you may have done to upset your girlfriend, therefore you don’t know what to apologize for. You could try giving her a generic „I’m sorry.“ Chances are, however, something like that simply isn’t going to cut it. Besides, apologizing repeatedly for anything and everything often shows your girlfriend that you are desperate, and it will do little to resolve your differences anyway.

Since you don’t necessarily know the right thing to say to your girlfriend in order to get her talking to you again, your focus should be on how to get the most impact out of whatever you do say. How can you make the biggest impact on your girlfriend’s emotions? How do you ensure she reads or hears your message? Put simply, you’ll want to use an atypical means of communication altogether. Let me explain.

There is a concept in advertising that is commonly referred to as „ad blindness.“ Essentially, what the concept means is that a person sometimes mentally „blocks“ out an advertisement after having seen that same ad over and over again. Most advertisers understand this concept, so they change the details of their advertisement accordingly. They’ll use different colors, different text, or even change the advertising medium completely from time to time.

Let’s think about communication between you and your girlfriend in the same manner for a second. If your girlfriend is used to seeing texts or your number showing up on her caller ID, then she may be mentally „blocking“ you out in much the same way that an individual would „block“ an advert that has been seen repeatedly over time. The question then is how can you avoid this „ad blindness“ concept in your communication with her?

Living in the digital age that we do, you most likely communicate most often with your girlfriend through text messages, phone calls, and e-mail. Any typical form of communication is one that you’ll want to avoid, of course. Instead, I would suggest that you try a hand-written letter. Mailing a letter written in your own handwriting works well for two reasons. The most obvious reason is how little that form of communication is used in this day and age. Since it will likely be unusual to your girlfriend, it will demand more of her attention. The second reason is that a hand-written letter generally takes more time and thought, showing her that what you have to say is that much more important.

Again, figuring out the right words to get your girlfriend to talk when she’s avoiding contact with you can be difficult. So, be sure that when you find the right words, you use the right method of delivery to ensure that your message gets your girlfriend’s undivided attention.

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